48 Flavours – Mildura

Being a somewhat unconventional girl I am going to start my brief series of kid friendly dining options in Mildura with a post on dessert – specifically, ice-cream.

Anyone with a four year old can tell you that dessert in their language means one thing – ice cream. Ok occasionally you may get an icy-pole but the theme is pretty much set.

Well 48 flavours will quite justifiably extend that notion well beyond the single digit age bracket. Located on Mildura’s main drag of foodie heaven, Langtree Avenue (also known as “feast street”), 48 Flavours is to the humble paddle pop what a Flowerdrum is to your local Chinese takeaway.

48 flavours is no exaggeration. This ice cream parlour delivers. There are two counters with tub after tub of brightly coloured ice confection. If that’s not enough you can toss in sprinkles as well.

They all look delicious. And although I resist temptation – honest – you can ask Mr X! -everyone knows 4 year olds don’t lie – I do succumb to help him out with his when it becomes a trifle “dribbly”. He chooses a green apple sorbet with sprinkles on top – of course – on our first night. What can I say? Ambrosia. It is so good he orders it again the next time we go there.

I am looking forward to our next visit when I hope we will be a little more adventurous. In the meantime, we delight in green apple heaven – with sprinkles of course!

What: 48 Flavours Ice Cream Parlour
Where: 31 Langtree Avenue, Mildura, Victoria, Australia
When: Open late
Cost: $3.50 for a single scoop
Website: http://www.48flavours.com.au







2 responses to “48 Flavours – Mildura

  1. I would love some! How is Langtree Av looking now? Midura was my first (and possibly my last) business trip when I went out with the director and senior landscape architect of our small firm to measure and (hand) draw up (that’s how long ago it was) the old mall for urban renewal. I hope it turned out okay!

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